Community & Responsibility

Aston Bay believes in responsible exploration and continues to carry out its work programs to the high standards of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and health and safety everywhere we work.    

Community Hotline

We care about leaving a net positive impact on the communities we work in. We want our host communities to know that we will work hard to build and maintain trust. Give us a call at (434) 214-0707 with any feedback - day or night.

  • Social Responsibility
    • Aston Bay believes in engaging with local communities, Indigenous groups and government agencies and building respectful relationship through dialogue and collaborative processes to ensure responsible exploration is conducted everywhere we work. 
    • Depending on the stage of exploration, this may include and not be limited to employment, contracting, training, community benefits and agreements.
  • Environment
    • Aston Bay takes its responsibility to act as a steward of the environment seriously and continues to meet and exceed its environmental performance and practices. 
    • We conduct responsible exploration through safe, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable work practices and continue to meet and/or exceed industry standards and government codes and regulations everywhere we work.
  • Health and Safety
    • Aston Bay embeds core values of health and safety throughout its operations. 
    • We provide a healthy and safe work environment by following strict health and safety standards and practices, and by meeting and/or exceeding industry standards and government codes and regulations everywhere we work. 

Mineral Exploration: A Quick Explanation

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