Aston Bay Property

“The Aston Bay Property is a district-scale exploration play prospective for high-grade sediment-hosted Cu and Zn, in an attractive mining district with proven potential for world-class deposits. Outcropping high-grade mineralization at the Storm Copper prospect and Seal Zinc deposit belong to the same regional mineralizing event that formed Polaris, and past exploration has focused almost exclusively on these surface showings. The >1 million acre project area remains remarkably unexplored and Aston Bay is well-positioned to make the next major discovery in this district.” Dr. David Broughton

Chief Geologist, Aston Bay

Storm Copper

The Storm Copper Project is located on Somerset Island, Nunavut, approximately 20 kilometres from tidewater at Aston Bay. Storm Copper is a strata-bound and structurally-hosted copper zone of mineralization, hosted in dolomitic sediments of the Allen Bay Formation. Hypogene copper mineralization is present at surface and identified to a depth of at least 100 metres in the form of chalcocite, bornite, covellite and chalcopyrite. Malachite and azurite are common oxide coatings. The geologic setting, mineralogy and zonation suggest affinities to sediment-hosted copper deposits

The property has been explored intermittently since the 1960s; however, most of the historic work on the property was undertaken by Cominco Ltd. (now Teck Resources Ltd). Sixty-seven holes (9,032.5 metres) were drilled at Storm between 1996 and 2000. These efforts defined four separate zones of copper mineralization — 2200N, 2750N, 3500N, and 4100N Zones — all of which remain open both laterally and vertically.

Highlights from the historic drilling at Storm Copper include:

  • 110 metres (m) core length grading 2.45% copper (Cu) from surface at the 2750N Zone
  • 56m core length grading 3.07% Cu from 12.2m depth at the 2750N Zone
  • 49m core length grading 1.79% Cu starting at surface at the 2200N Zone

In addition to the historical drill results, a 3,970 line-kilometre Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM) airborne survey was completed over the property in 2011. The spatial correlation of conductance anomalies with mineralized intercepts in the historic drilling suggests that the near-surface copper mineralized zones of the Storm copper property can be accurately mapped and modeled with electromagnetic techniques. Three of the twelve holes drilled by BHP Billiton in 2016 targeted VTEM anomalies; all three intersected copper mineralization, including:

  • 16m core length grading 3.07% Cu, starting at 93 m from surface at 4100N Zone (STOR1601D)

Aston Bay believes the Storm Copper Project holds significant potential for further development, and is also indicates the potential for other mineralized zones concealed in the subsurface elsewhere on the property.

Seal Zinc


The Seal Zinc Prospect is located at the base of a small peninsula approximately 350 m from tidewater at Aston Bay on Somerset Island, Nunavut. It is located 20 kilometres north-west of the Storm Copper Prospect and is situated along the same structural trend.

The Seal Zinc Prospect occurs predominantly as massive sphalerite and pyrite in the Ship Point Formation. Mineralization is hosted in an 8-to-10 metre (m) thick porous and permeable basal quartz-arenite with interbeds of dolostone and sandy dolostone. Zinc mineralization is present in two forms within the Seal Zinc showing: coarse-grained, reddish-brown blackjack sphalerite and honey yellow, colloform sphalerite. The zinc mineralization occurs as local to complete replacement of the sandy dolostone interbeds as well as interstitial disseminations in massive sandstone beds.

The prospect was evaluated with drilling by Cominco Ltd. between 1995 and 2001. During this time a total of 5,115 m of core was drilled in 32 holes. These efforts defined a zone of strata-bound zinc and silver mineralization that remains open. Highlights from the drilling are presented in the table below:





  • 18.8 m core length grading 10.58% zinc (Zn) and 28.7 g/t silver (Ag) starting from 51 m depth.
  • 30.8 m core length grading 5.11% Zn and 23.0 g/t Ag starting from 101 m depth.


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